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We make the enrollment process convenient, quick, and easy. Applicants must call to schedule an appointment to register for all classes and pay course tuition at registration for all classes offered at CNAPA (803) 588-9158 Out-of-State students interested in registering for a class session can contact the Program Director via email at to discuss your registration options. Book your appointment now before it’s too late. Preferred class seating is filling up fast.

FAQ: How do I register for class? (1st Step)

Schedule an appointment to meet with Program Director to register for upcoming class (60 mins) Do not make an appointment unless you are ready to pay your tuition

✓ Bring a Friend: Waived fee $55.00. Students must pay full/half tuition to receive discount
✓ Sign a Waiver of Release of Liability related to COVID-19 Exposure
✓ Payment plan tuition option cost more $1395.00 (4 payments of $358.75)
✓ Only serious applicants need to apply (this is a fast-pace course)
✓ Must be a highly motivated student, dedicated to study time, and committed to succeed, focused, and determined to complete course successfully.
✓ Not all applicants will be accepted into the program.
✓ Able to read and comprehend on 9th grade reading level
✓ Pass Pre-Test Exam with minimal score 45
✓ Speak English. Exams can be administered in English and Spanish only
✓ Understand the job duties and responsibilities of CNA
✓ Decide which course is best for your schedule – Day or Evening class
✓ Adjusted work/personal schedules to meet course requirement- program will not adjust course times for work/personal schedules!
✓ CNAPA has strict attendance/tardy policy. Students will be dropped from the course if absent from class. Two tardies and enrollment is compromised.
✓ Must be able to devote 3-4 hours or more if needed to study course material daily. Students are responsible for contents in the course.
✓ Must pay course tuition (see payment options) on the day of registration
✓ Must be 17 years old or older, pass health physical, background check /drug test and 2 step TB skin test.
✓ CNAPA is a drug free Program/Training Institution. Random drug testing can occur during course session.
✓ Registration: Be prepared to pay tuition payment (tuition options)
✓ Final tuition payment is due by the 1st day of class.
✓ Quarterly payment (payments divided into 4 smaller payment – processing fee included-nonrefundable.
✓ Tuition is paid in the form of cashier check, money order or credit card (3.85% debt/credit card fee) No Personal checks! Make payments to: CNAPA
✓ Provide 2 forms of ID (Driver license/ Social Security Card, State ID, School ID, Passport etc.)
✓ Pay fee for Background Check ($35) and Drug Test ($35) = $70.00 not included in tuition. Click to start your background check
✓ If applicant test positive for drug test- further testing may be required by Medical Review Officer (MRO) and cost generated by student not included in initial cost of drug test.
✓ Applicants taking any Class II (controlled substance) medication should inform the Program Director. Proof of prescription will be required.
✓ Complete all registration paperwork on site except school physical and TB screening.
✓ All applicants must provide a written statement from a physician for any pre-existing conditions that would restrict and/or limit their ability to perform strenuous tasks (lifting, prolong stand, walking etc.). A written statement is required prior to the beginning of class. Physical exams must be within 6-12 months prior to the first day of class and must not exceed the recommended period.
✓ All health forms to include TB skin testing must be completed by the class orientation but no later than the 1st day of class. A $50.00 nonrefundable late fee will due on first day of class for late paper work.
✓ Failure to provide documentation or comply with the registration process will compromise enrollment.

Are there any additional fess?

     Add CNAPA Starter Kit to your tuition- $ 48.00 (additional fee)
    (Second Watch, Notebook/ 2 ink pens,2- #2 Pencils, small tablet
     Hand sanitizer, Blood pressure cuff (adult size cuff), stethoscope)

✓ Students are required to purchases second hand watch before 1st day of class
✓ Shoes should be non-skid (black/white)
✓ Notebook- College Rule Paper
✓ Black/Blue pens and # 2 pencils
✓ Small pocket tablet
✓ Hand sanitizer

What is included in tuition cost?

1. South Carolina Nurse Aide State exam fee ($140.00)
2. Uniform 1- set (special orders add $15.00 Example: (tall, 2x-6x)
3. Theory (60 hours /Practicum (40 hours) = 100 hours
4. Course Textbook Rental Fee
5. Blood Pressure Cuff (adult cuff) and stethoscope (provided by CNAPA for course usage only- equipment must be returned at the end of class)
6. Add medication class for $100.00 to tuition
7. Free CPR class with full tuition