C.N.A Job/Salary

The job growth for CNAs is faster than average.  There is an expected growth of 21% or more by 2014, an estimated 500,000 additional employees will be needed. There are excellent employment opportunities for CNAs around the country. Government forecast predicts that the demand for C.N.A will increase substantially over the course of the next eight years. In turn the salaries are likely to rise as well.  So the decision to pursue this career is surely recession proof as people are falling ill and they need assistance which makes you very marketable.

As the medical field continuously grows, certified nursing assistants are on the frontlines for providing quality patient care. Becoming a CNA is a good idea for someone interested in a medical career but unsure of long-term career goals. A certified nursing assistant job can set you on the fast track to a quality career in the medical field. There is a lot of turnover in the field of certified nursing assistants. CNAs usually move on to pursue a career as an LPN or RN. This helps to create the high growth rate for CNAs and increased demand for medical professionals.

CNA Salary

CNA is an entry-level position and as such, certified nurse assistants receive the lowest salary of all nursing careers. However, the experience gained is invaluable since it provides educational experience in preparation for an advanced nursing career. Average salaries can range from $8/hour to $14/ hour. CNAs working nights, weekends, or in private care usually make substantially more.